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               Create continuous
               pattern flow from                                                   Installation of our panels can be
               all sides - panels                                                  easily handled by any building or
               can be installed                                                    remodeling contractor or even by
               infinitely.                                                         an individual  experienced with
                                                                                   walls patching, painting or
                                                                                   ceramic tiles installation.

              Original patterns can
              create unique
              environments inside
              of homes, offices or
              retail spaces.

              Negligible surface
              conductivity prevents
              electrostatic charging
              keeping panels from                                                  The process is similar to drywall
              attracting dust                A N E L E D E K O R A C Y J N E
                                                                                   finishing, the seams can be easily
              P                                                                    blended to achieve truly
                                                                                   seamless sculptured surface.

             Multidimensional patterns
             add a unique style to any                                             Panels are mounted to existing
                                                                                   wall surfaces with adhesives and
             office or living space.
                                                                                   in most cases do not require any
                                                                                   additional support.

             Additional effects can be
             achieved by customizing
             paint  color and light
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